Common Boa Caging?

Hey all, not sure if there’s a similar post here. I’ve been hearing conflicting reports of the size of caging needed for a fully grown common boa. I’ve heard 4x2’s, 4x3’s, 6x2’s etc.

What size caging do you keep your boas in, and when/if you breed yours. Do you use a larger terrarium to house them in when pairing?

I have a TON of time before my boy needs an upgrade, I’m just curious for when he’s an adult and when I’m ready to introduce a female into my collection and do breed.

4’x2’ is sufficient unless your specimen turns out way bigger than average. I personally choose to house and breed my adults in 5’x2’ enclosures, and that is big enough for two large animals during the breeding season. They live alone in these enclosures for the rest of the year. This is for “Colombians” and BC. If your specimen is a Central American or a CA cross BI, it may stay small enough to live is a smaller enclosure.


Yep, I use 4 by 2’s as well. Only the girls use most of their cage, but they’re breeders, and 7 years old, so they’re just about as big as they will ever be.

If you want to put things like decorations in the cage, you’ll want to go bigger. For my breeder females, there wouldn’t be room for extra stuff like that in the 4X2’s. lol

So, 4 by 2 works, but you can go bigger if you feel like it but it’s not a must. Most adult boas handle space pretty well. They’re not like other snakes… BP’s lol