Community Guidelines Add-on: Personal Attacks/Name Calling/Vendetta

This is an elaboration on our Community Guidelines.

As a forum grows new issues will arise, while we pride ourselves to be laid back when it comes to moderation, there comes a time when decisions must be made when counterproductive behaviors are being displayed.

We all agree that not everyone can get along nor agree with one another however there is a fine line with disagreeing with an idea or a method and disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing to pursue a personal vendetta with one or more members.

Flame war /personal vendetta / name calling will not be tolerated on this forum and therefore if the staff’s requests to cease and desist are being ignored it will leave us no choice to take actions.

What constitutes a personal vendetta?

Personal attacks, speech, name calling intended to further a personal vendetta, vindictive/excessive flagging between the parties involved etc.

Steps and consequences for continued personal vendetta.

Step 1 The staff will issue a general warning in the thread to cease and desist

Step 2 If the general warning is dismissed members involved will be “silenced” for a period of 7 days during which they will not be able to post or start a topic.

Step 3 If the behavior persist once the parties involved return from their “silenced” status they will be suspended for a period of 30 days during which time they will not be able to login.

Step 4 If the behavior persist once the parties involved return after their “Suspended” status all parties involved will be permanently banned.

What can you do as a member?

Be courteous be respectful even when disagreeing, do not turn a difference of idea in a personal disagreement, learn to walk away and be the bigger person, finally use the ignore feature allowing you to ignore other members.