Composting aspen and snake poop?

Can anyone think of any reason(s) why it would NOT be OK to add used aspen (i.e., with some snake poop :), to a compost pile, and later use the compost on your vegetable garden? I know that dog/cat waste is not a good idea, but was wondering if a bit of snake poop mixed with aspen would be OK. Seems like the composting process would take care of anything (e.g., Salmonella) that might be harmful to humans, but IDK. Any fellow snake keeper/gardeners out there have any insights?


The Aspen would be ok but adding any protein waste is not good. Protein waste from animals decomposes slowly, can cause odors and could attract rodents.


Yes. What Gary said. Poop from herbivores is generally OK. Poop from carnivores, not so much. There is a caveat here. And, it is a matter of volume. Little snake poop, meh. Lots of poop from lots of snakes? That would likely attract varmints w its stink.


Thanks for the insights!