Comprehensive Breeding Guide Please?

I’ve collected tidbits of info here and there, but every source says something different. I need to know exactly what months Fat Tails begin and end breeding (typically), if I should cool down/“brumate” them beforehand, food levels during each stage, and how to pair the geckos with the highest success rate for breeding them. So far, I’ve had no dice :frowning: and I’ve got some od the most stunning “normals” too!


There’s not a whole lot of information about these, especially for breeding. I’m assuming they are similar to leopard geckos (not the exact same, but a similar concept), so the breeding months should be similar, or the same. I don’t think brumation is necessary, but cooling them in the winter is recommended to cycle them so the female produces eggs. I recommend feeding the females a lot during the process (mainly after I had a female fast for a long time and loose a ton of weight, she’s doing great now).
I’m planning on getting 3-4 of these (1 or 2 pairs of them). So, if you find a good care/breeding sheet I’d love it if you could share it here. I’m going to do some research this week on breeding them, and if I find good information I’ll share it here.

Also, your geckos are super cute. :grin:

I read through some care sheets and it looks like cooling is necessary. This is a summary of what I’ve found:
To breed, males need to be 8 months old and 40 grams. Females need to be 9 months old and 50g.

Cool them in November. Stop feeding them and lower the temperature 2* per day until the hot spot is 78*. Be sure there is always fresh water and continue to not feed them. 4 weeks later raise the temperature back up 2* per day and start feeding them when it is back up.

About 3 weeks later, pair the male to the female. If you don’t confirm them breeding, repeat 1-2 times a week for a day at a time for 2-3 weeks.

From there it is the same as leos. Give the female a lay box and observe for eggs. Don’t pair them again and the female will lay 3-5 clutches of 2 eggs.