Concave Belly

Hey Everyone, I just have a quick question. I recently purchased this 2020 Pastel Enchi Pied Female and she has yet to feed. This evening she had an odd defecation (small dark green) and an odd contour in the lower 1/3 of her body. I haven’t seen this before and was curious if anyone has experienced something similar? My guess is malnourishment and dehydration?

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In my experience, hatchlings will have this ‘hollow belly’ before they’ve taken their first meal. I have two hatchlings who have refused taking food for 39 days and they both have a similar hollow look. Once they take their first meal, those muscles/organs will expand and they’ll start filling out.


the OP said this is a 2020 baby. I would hope it has fed by this point, being at least 7 or 8 months old minimum…so pretty sure this isn’t it.


OP also said the snake had yet to feed, and I interpreted that as having not fed for the breeder either, but I probably misunderstood given that I missed that it was a 2020 hatchling. But if the animal hasn’t fed in a long time, the explanation still stands - if there is nothing to digest and the organs haven’t been used in a while, it makes sense the belly might become concave like that. The snake looks pretty small to be a 2020 baby, and given that it makes sense that perhaps the snake hasn’t eaten in a while.

I hope that the OP means it hasn’t fed with him, and that it was fed before it got to him. I definitely wouldn’t purchase an animal that hasn’t fed yet. Especially one that is supposedly that old. If it is that old and still that small I wouldn’t purchase from the breeder/seller ever again.

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The sellers ad stated that it was established on F/T Mice weighing 120 grams. It has yet to feed for me. It’s in identical caging as the seller FB5 tub with Repichip. To be honest I knew better than to purchase the animal (120 grams is still relatively small for a 2020) but it was part of a group purchase and the other animals are doing just fine. I appreciate all the input!

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