Confirm Hatchling Genes

Hi everybody

So today is a very exciting day for my 14 year old daughter. She has 5 Female Ball Pythons, which she was able to breed this year and the first hatchling has finally hatched. Unfortunately the clutch only consisted of 4 eggs and 3 were slugs, but she is as happy as can be.

The pairing was: Mojave x Pastel Pinstripe Spider

I believe that it is a Mojave Pinstripe (Jigsaw), the only reason I am a little sceptical is because it doesn’t really have the crazy pattern that Jigsaws usually have. Or is this just a really nice Mojave?

So when in doubt, ask the professionals, aka the MorphMarket experts.
Any feedback and advice would be amazing.
Attached is a few pics.


I’d say a Jigsaw… There are a lot of those pinstripy dashes as well as “open” keyholes that are more like an arch. The mojave would have prominent keyholes and a darker, more pervasive “background” color. Willing to be proven wrong though! Such a stunning little noodle and so exciting!!!


Thanks so much. I also thought Jigsaw, but not a lot of pattern disruption like the majority has, which had me doubt it a bit.
Yeah, the little noodle is amazing, my daughter is so so so happy!!!


That made my day!!! Thanks for the post : ) Its great to see something bringing a family together! Give us an update on the clutch after their shed!!! I’ve been struglling a bit with some of the huge variances that can occur in even single gene animals and all it takes is plenty of practice and exposure (or so I’ve been told.)


Definitely Mojave Pin :muscle::fire:

Congratulations to your daughter :tada:


Yeah, my daughter is a snake fanatic!!! She just absolutely loves them and all animals in general, that’s probably why my home is like a zoo😜
Will definately give an update after shedding.
Yeah, I always ask for advice regarding the hatchlings, especially with such an amazing bunch of people on here.
Thanks so much for the help, it is much appreciated!!!:ok_hand:


Incase you want something to look for to confirm its mojave ID…

Here is the alien heads of a Mojave…


They are very consistent and very rarely appear much different from Mojave to Mojave.

Look at the size and shape of the “eye” within the alien heads. It is one big triangular shape rather than the usual two spots.

Here is a normal as reference.


Thank you so much, this is such a great help! Going to keep this for future reference.
Much appreciated👌


Congratulations this is so cool your daughter is involved like this at her age! My son is about the same age and he could care less lol :-1: I’m going to agree with the mojave pin I’d!


Yeah, it’s amazing, she is super involved, she helps with everything, cleaning cages, she introduced the males to her females and keeps track of feedings, quantities, sheds,locks etc. I think her record keeping is even better than mine😜
She want’s to become a Vet, specializing in exotic animals, so I’m assuming all of us will use her services one day, we’ll she keeps on telling me that we will😂

Thanks for the assist with the Id, much appreciated.


Tell her keep up the good work!!! The world can definitely use more reptile specialized vets!! You for sure should be proud of her!


Will do! Yeah the world definately can use more.
Super proud DAD!!!:ok_hand:


Any updates?
Such a cute snake! Love how your daughter is enjoying it as much as you!
My girl is 6 and we breed Cresties and she’s mad on them and helps with everything along with all the other animals! Hopefully this carries on :sweat_smile:

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