Confirmation of morphs would be appreciated :)

Im sure some may have seen my posts in breeding or on the introduction, this one is much simpler, i am just looking to see if these are the morph they were sold to me as if some of the more experienced here can tell by looking. One is sunglow, the other is axanthic (het granite, but from my understanding, hets are not visible)

I included a younger picture simply because its a better picture. I am away from home for a couple weeks, so going off what i have on my phone haha


Beautiful carpets, im not an expert and can only give my opinion, first one sure looks axanthic to me, i would believe it, the su glow is harder to tell, closeup of the scales between the yellow and white you might be able to tell as the Caramel tends to give those scales a washout look…if that makes sense, its obviously amelanistic but weather it has the Caramel gene im not sure. Again just my opinion…beautiful carpets though. Best of luck with the project.

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Thank you much :slight_smile: ive heard sunglow and albino can be rather tough to tell apart in the first place, but glad to have a bit of confirmation on the axanthic. Theres so many different colors i dont know what normal is supposed to look like haha, so its hard to tell when something is different

I tried to get some better close ups of my pure Darwin albino for comparison. The yellow on yours seems much more vivid. also even though it does not show well, mine has some orange and pink undertones whereas your seems more white and yellow. Not sure if that means yours is a sunglow, but it is something.

Appreciate it! I will try to get some better pics when i return from my business trip, may wait to recieve the 2 albinos before i take pics so i can post all up. Beautiful snake btw!