Confused about Carpet python types, morphs, sibs

I have been trying to learn more about my carpet python. (she is a pet, not a future breeding animal. I researched her care but nothing else at the time, I’ve had her for about a year)
She is an Ocelot sib “eyelash” line female.

I’m not sure what being a “sib” means. All I am finding about Ocelot is that it is a 2 gene cross. ?? Jungle Jag?? I’m pretty sure the “eyelash line” is referring to the adorable markings above Minerva’s eyes that look like long eyelashes. If anyone can clarify the information I would be grateful. I feel pretty ignorant about Minerva just now.


Ocelot is its own independent morph. It originated out of a Jungle Jag group from, I believe, Mike Curtin’s ‘Scattershot’ animal.

I have never heard of “eyelash line” but I can ask some of the carpet guys I know and see what they have to say

“Sib” is just slang for sibling. Basically what it means is that your animal is one of the by-products from a mixed blood pairing that does not exhibit any of the Mendelian morphs that are involved.

All that to say, your animal is just a mixed blood Coastal/Jungle intergrade (possibly Diamond blood too, I am not fully versed on Scattershot’s full bloodline)

This might help with some background, but it dates back to before it had been determined that Ocelot was independent of Jag:


Thank you, that makes it a lot clearer. I knew that she was a cross of some sort. Honestly, I purchased her because she is beautiful and was a slow starter. Minerva was force fed for 8 months and then on quail for 3 months. She is the tamest most laid back snake anyone could hope for and she is a good eater. She will gently open her mouth and take her prey off of tongs(she is a wonderful pet and gets brighter every time she sheds)

I just want to note how impressed I am with how your link embedded :metal:.

But while I’m here, @xamier she is a seriously beautiful snake.


It was nothing I did specifically, I can assure you of that. Be impressed with John for how he set up the forum