Confused and have breeding questions

Just looking for confirmation as i have been getting mixed responses and i am very confused at this point.
I have a female that had been cool seeking and bowl wrapping for about a month(atleast from when i was taking notes), she was also off feed during this time, it looked like she shed on thr 1st of june as well as 90 days prior but looked like an ovy on the 30th of may? In some photos it looks like i can see lumps. But not all.
Since, she has been laying inverted more and heat seeking since the 1st. But i seem to be getting mixed answers on if she is building or likely gravid. FB_IMG_1591864398380|375x500


typically a gravid female will lay down and donut on the warm side while a building female will stay on the cooler side most of the time. Typically 35 days after the prelay shed they will lay but ive had females hold untill day 55. You can always put a male in with her and see if shell still lock most gravid females have no interest in breeding.

I’ll add an update since its been awhile. Later last year after this posting she did give me a large clutch of 11.
Between the variety of responses I was getting, it was incredibly frustrating. Up until the point where her follicles were large enough to easily feel.
Some people said she looked overweight, some said she was gravid, some said she was building.

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