Confused on leopard gecko breeding season

Hey, I’m very new to reptile breeding and this year will be my first year breeding leopard geckos. I’m just confused on when you should start to pair up your geckos. I read that they have a breeding season from January till June or July, but I’ve also read that it doesn’t matter when you pair your geckos together as long as they are healthy and to weight it’s ok. I was just wondering if it really does matter when because my females are almost up to size and I just wanna make sure I’m doing everything right and safe for the gecko.

Thank you in advance,


Doesn’t matter. I have Leo’s laying eggs and breeding every month of the year. So long as they are healthy and the right weight/age they can breed whenever.
That being said we get the most production between February and August. The fall is the slowest time for leo’s for us. Still getting them just about 40% less of them.


It really depends on the conditions you keep your guys in. The females have to be ovulating in order to be receptive to a male, and that can be affected by a bunch of stuff, including natural light exposure and artificial light/ambient light schedules, age, etc.

Not everyone will agree, but I feel that it’s generally best not to breed a gecko until they’re at least a year old. In terms of being right and safe for the (female) gecko, I’d say to skip your female’s first season and don’t breed her, don’t house her with a male while she’s growing, underweight, or it’s not breeding season, and make sure you feed her really quality food. Skip the waxies and mealworms and spring for the silkworms if she’ll eat them.