Confused on morph for these baby leos

Hi I’m experienced with reptiles but new to leopard gecko morphs :upside_down_face: just hatched these two and especially confused with the solid black/purple tail …

Dad is a Pied Tangerine Radar and mom is a Goblin :woman_shrugging:

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Visually they’re both eclipses- however it’s really frowned upon in the leopard gecko community to cross strains of albinos. Radars are bell albino and goblins are Tremper albino. The strains of albino are not compatible which is why these guys aren’t albinos. They should ideally be sold as pet only / non-breeder animals… hope that helps

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It does thank you! Originally the Goblin was to run to a pure copper however the “male” I bought turned out to be a female lol.

Interesting. I am new to Leo genetics. So you can’t produce or have a double het Albino? I would think it would be a plus. :thinking:

You can produce a triple het albino if you want to. Just no point as the albino strains are not compatible with each other, and you’d be hard pressed to figure out which strain of albino any offspring are.


Agreed, these babies have no value as breeders and should be sold as pet only.


Gotcha! Ok good to know! Thank you!!

I just want to say that they are beautify clean, talking about their pattern.