Confusion about Hognose snake morphs?

So recently I came across a genetic calculator for Hognose snakes. And while it had all the regular morphs listed, it so had some weird morphs that I’ve never heard of. Things like Smoke Hypo, Smolder, Vanilla Cherry, Frost, Shadow, and Silver Ghost. I’ve tried searching for photos of these morphs since I’ve never heard of them, but I’ve had zero luck. They are listed on MorphMarket , but nothing comes up when searched for them. So I was wondering if I could have some help looking for them. Are they actually real morphs? Am I just having some bad luck looking for them? What do they look like if they even exist? Any help would be really appreciated, since they sound super interesting and I’m wanting to breed Hognose snakes. I just have no idea where to look.

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Here is a good investment

And you can also check this


Woah, I’ve been looking forever for this exact book recently! The only one I found was over $100 though, so thank you for that! I will also check out the Facebook page

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I would also HIGHLY recommend this one: :slight_smile: