Confusion pieds 😍

Pastel confusion 50% het pied (M) x Pied (F)

Wow! Was not expecting to prove out our male this year but boy were we in for a surprise today! What a great year so far, can’t wait to work more genes into the confusion pied. What are you most excited for with the confusion gene?



Those look sweet!

Justin (Kinova) just did a video on confusion pieds and revealed the first ones I’ve ever seen personally. Very cool that you were able to prove that male out and produce some. In Justin’s clutch there were more genes at play so it is great to see what more standard confusion pieds looks like. Congrats on the amazing clutch!


Thanks! The day these started to come out, I saw his video on them. Love the outcome of the ones he produced definitely some great looking snakes. I can’t wait to see what future combos will look like added into the mix. Thanks again for the positive vibes :v:

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I was wondering if you got a chance to take any post shed photos of these awesome animals?

I just produced a clutch with possible confusion pieds and I’d love to see more of your animals to compare. There’s no others out there that I know of!


Hey I apologize for responding so late to this. I don’t go much on here! These photos were taken today after they shed out. Feel free to dm me on IG if you have any questions! @crafted_scale