Congo Plants For Reptiles

I’m planning on finally getting around to setting up a zen habitat for my ball python next week. I want to plant the enclosure and let the plants grow in a bit before introducing him though, and I’m trying to go for a Congo Rainforest feel. What are some good plants for a ball python enclosure that are native to the Congo? Thanks in advance!


I love that idea! I can’t give you any plant suggestions myself, but if you happen to have a good nursery or two near where you live, you might try asking there. We have a couple really good nurseries where I live, and one of the employees at one of them was able to give me some good advice about mounting bromeliads to a cork bark background for me.


Cant beat bromeliads. very strong and sturdy, little maintenance and watering and so pretty.
Your giving me ideas for my display tank.