Convinced this isn't 'normal' 🤔 what do y'all think?

So I bought this ball python from pet smart about 1½ years ago (don’t judge me :sweat: I was unaware of the hobby/any other route of obtaining snakes :sweat_smile:) I didn’t even know about morphs! ~Which blew my MIND once I finally did :heart_eyes::exploding_head: …I had 2 other ball pythons but they were normals, and I only saw normal (or at least ‘normal-looking’) royals in pet smart-including the snakes that were in the “assorted ball pythons” container. Which this snake was in. It was the only snake they even had at that time. I was confused as to why the ‘same snake’ would cost $20/$30 more just by slapping the word ‘assorted’ on the container… :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so I asked about it - the lady that worked there said "oh that’s for the morphs that we get sometimes but let me check to see if that one is supposed to be in the normal container " ~and then seemed to act as if it was actually a normal and gave it to me for the lesser price. :metal::smirk: Pretty sure she was just doing me a favor. It was just a hatchling when I got it, and the more it grows the more convinced I become that it may be something other than a ‘normal’. Maybe gravel or yellowbelly…? :woman_shrugging:t2: (I am still not even certain on the sex. I’m pretty sure it’s female though)
But, alas, I am just a wee newcomer in this amazing/beautiful world of ball python morphs! :kissing_heart::pray:…An estimate from a someone more experienced would be greatly appreciated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looks like a normal to me, there is a lot of variability in appearance


Yep, that is definitely a normal.


I am new to ball python id but I agree it looks like it’s just a normal. I say just, but it’s still a pretty snake :snake:


Defo normal :blush:


It’s het Broccoli :rofl:
Glad to see these guys getting love