Cooking my eggs

Cooking one of the Iguana species we have <3
Always wanted to raise red/super red iguanas. I plan on keeping 4 or 5 animals to raise to adulthood here from my own animals. I have other responsible owners lined up too. There is a real difference with captive bred and the poor captIve farmed animal we get yearly in the UK

I have these and fiji iguana eggs of the lizards this year.

My reds live as a 1:3 group. My male is almost black. I am only incubating 15. I may do a couple more from the other females. Not a fan of mass breeding anything tbh. The tegu has had lots of eggs to eat



Very cool looking but I got hungry when I saw your title…Scrambled eggs sound tasty right now lol.


I go off eggs terrible in breeding season ewww.

I do this with meat too. I don’t know why I’m not veggie.

Mind you when I am having a bad time head wise…I think people are fiddling with my food and putting drugs in it lol!

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