Cool Blue Tokay

Found this beauty tonight:


That color is just beautiful!! I’ve heard tokay’s are quite ‘opinionated’ little fellows- do you find they are tough to handle?

Oh, and welcome to the forum! :blush: If you have the time, we love it when new folks make posts in the ‘Introduction’ section and share pics of their animals.


Unless they are raised from hatchlings with consistent handling, they can and will scream and bite everytime you try and handle them. They also have the strongest bite of any gecko that we know of. They will also shake their heads to rip and tear your flesh sometimes. They are a never handle kinda species unless you have a tameable hatchling.


Thanks, I will post in the Intro section soon.

Was really impressed with the colors. So beautiful.

This little guy was easy to catch, didn’t run too much. Bit me and started croaking when caught, but did not hurt. I’ve been bit by adults, not too bad. Never lost any flesh, but you know when one’s gotta hold of you, lol.


These two videos will give anyone interested a good idea what they are like if you want to own or catch em. Definitely the most angry geckos that I know of lol.


Was bit the other night by medium sized Cuban Knight anole. Way worse than the Tokays. Took a little piece of me with it, thumb was hurting all week. May have been the angle, but the worst reptile bite I can recall.

While I like these lizards, and they are beautiful, not the right pet for anyone who wants to handle their animals from time to time. They are fun to feed and observe. Tokays keep our bullet ant population in check, with some help from an agama that runs around the porch in the daytime.

Yeah I think tokays are gorgeous but I also find their Eff You attitude endearing. If I had one it’d be a display pet, but there’s something funny about, “Oh and this is my gecko. He hates me, so I am careful with him. Isn’t he adorable?”