Cool hatchling!

Hey all,
just wanted to share a really cool hatchling from this season! She was from an ODYB SN het Clown x OD Fire pairing. I think i might’ve hit everything! I dont know if her head markings are unusual but I’m willing to bet that she is infact het Clown.


Beautiful baby you have there! Congratulations definitely deserved on that one! :blush::+1:


Thanks! I was pretty happy to find out it was a girl too :3


That is a gorgeous girl. The head stamp is way cool. Spotnose have a nice head stamp and fire can have an influence on that stamp too. Super bright! Does she have more of that flaming in the black anywhere else that we can’t see ?
How does the sides of the belly look? Yellowbelly puts a darker pixelation along the sides. I just don’t know how the other genes play with that though.
She sure looks like she has all the co-doms but I’m sure others with more experience will chime in to help.

Edited to add:
Fire and Yellowbelly are brightening genes. It’s thought het for clown can brighten also but really the only way to prove that is to breed her with either a visual clown or another het for clown. I’m not sure if there is a test for sheds of Clown. I do hope she is though. That would be awesome! I am also not experienced enough to say or not she is Super OD.


Apologies for the late reply. Got super busy and then some more and somehow got sick as well :3
Here are some updated pics of her. OD and Fire really do horrible things to YB belly markings so the YB is just an educated guess from the large orange flames going up her sides. Another hint is the Ringer as YB in the mix would throw Ringers more easily than not. I got three clutches from this male and some ODYB Spotnose, OD Spotnose siblings to compare with, she is nothing like them. This line of Spotnose creates very busy patterns and the only thing reducing it in her is the Super OD. Her color would also be a lot more orange if it weren’t for the Fire. At least these are my thoughts on the ID, we’ll see what she IDs as in a couple of years when she grows a mind of her own :wink:

I find the head pattern quite unusual. It reminds me more of a visual Clown than a Spotnose het, so here’s for wishing.