Cool little find

Found this neat little baby alligator lizard when going on a walk with my dog. Crazy how the body structure is almost the exact same as Abronia. This little guy was also just born because where the cord attaches was a fresh slight opening so I’m assuming less than a day or so old. Hopefully anyone familiar with abronia can tell me if the two species are related?


Really nice find Nathan :metal:


They are both a part of the anguidae family. I think that is all they are related by, aside from both being new world lizards of course. Abronia are nicknamed Mexican alligator lizards though. I am gonna guess that little guy is a Western alligator lizard?

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Ah yes forgot to mention that

Thank you! We have tons and tons of western fence lizards here so it’s nice to see something different such as this and not always the same species.


OH YEAH, Out here western fences are all we got, along with Brown and black widows