Cool looking Freeway, with a lesson!

Back story, this was from a Cypress Honey Yb x Asphalt het Pied. Funny thing is that he always had a very nice look to him I could have swore he was Cypress and Honey at the time this combo wasn’t made quiet yet so there was nothing to compare to. Looks like I was most likely wrong on both Cypress and Honey after finally breeding him twice this year. The Honey is still a bit hard to tell on the babies, I’m not sure if he will prove as het Pied and that is why he looks so different than a normal Freeway. No clue but figured I’d share. Obviously if I ever sold anything I wasn’t 10000% sure on it would always be possible x gene, this just confirms that theory :rofl:. I will say some of his babies scream high quality Asphalt, maybe just a really pretty bloodline as his grandpa came from the original founder of the Asphalt.

(Him and his siblings, pic from forever ago)

The Freeway

His second clutch of babies x Pastel Red Stripe YB (wanted Cypress Red Stripe freeways)

His first clutch of babies x Banana Pastel Yb Phantom


The shear variety of the babies in the first clutch, (last picture) is crazy! :100::white_check_mark: