Cool looking Freeway, with a lesson!

Back story, this was from a Cypress Honey Yb x Asphalt het Pied. Funny thing is that he always had a very nice look to him I could have swore he was Cypress and Honey at the time this combo wasn’t made quiet yet so there was nothing to compare to. Looks like I was most likely wrong on both Cypress and Honey after finally breeding him twice this year. The Honey is still a bit hard to tell on the babies, I’m not sure if he will prove as het Pied and that is why he looks so different than a normal Freeway. No clue but figured I’d share. Obviously if I ever sold anything I wasn’t 10000% sure on it would always be possible x gene, this just confirms that theory :rofl:. I will say some of his babies scream high quality Asphalt, maybe just a really pretty bloodline as his grandpa came from the original founder of the Asphalt.

(Him and his siblings, pic from forever ago)

The Freeway

His second clutch of babies x Pastel Red Stripe YB (wanted Cypress Red Stripe freeways)

His first clutch of babies x Banana Pastel Yb Phantom


The shear variety of the babies in the first clutch, (last picture) is crazy! :100::white_check_mark:


beautiful clutches, I am not sure what these morphs are that came out in the clutches but would love to know what each of them are and how to identify them. I was into ball pythons about 15 years ago and just getting back into them and all these new morphs that were either created or discovered have blown my mind. it was easy 15 years ago.


Welcome to MorphMarket👍 You’ll find a lot of info from some great people here.