Cool side too cold

Hi all. Wondering if any body is able to give me any advice.

My tub setup I have for my hatchling BP is working well, apart from the cool side dropping too low (as low as 22c). I’ve put a heat mat under the cool side and set it to 27C (the bottom of the tub is reading 25c). Would this be alright?


As long as the ambient air in the tub isn’t too warm that would be fine. My concern is if it’s a small tub like a shoe box size then the air temp can potentially warm up a bit too high with 2 pads.

Having the tub reading 25c on the bottom is good. The tub bottom can read up to 31c and still be considered safe, but if the air temp in the tub is over 29c it may be a little too warm overall and the baby can’t thermoregulate well.