Coral glow Chocolate orange ghost

top 2 are off mum and dad.
thought id share my clutch that hatched end off april
theres are bhbline off chocolate and to my knowledge some are firsts.

we hatched some incredible
coral glow chocolate orange ghosts
coral chocolate pinstripe orange ghost
chocolate pinstripe orange ghost
coral glow orange ghost

let me know what you think.


I think that’s an awesome pairing and clutch! Congrats! -Deb

thank you its so hard to choose whos staying defo the pin choc ghost girl.

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That would be top of my list as well! Our 1st World’s first has Chocolate in the mix, it’s an awesome gene. Also our second Stranger clutch has Chocolate in the mix… that’s how much we like the gene here.

I really like that you used both OD and Hypo in your pairing, we keepers paint with our genes and what an amazing palette you have there! -Deb

thank you i do like the paint gene but atm awaiting my 1 off many chocolates to go. ( chocolate dbl het clown ghost x chocolate enchi dbl het clown ghost) will be an intresting clutch.