Corn ID Help?

Picked up two corns from a local shop today that were just too cute to pass up. I am pretty new to corns and don’t even know where to start on trying to ID the visuals on these guys but I am curious to know the building blocks that made these cuties!

Cricket is a 12g presumed female.

I know she is Tessera but am unsure on the color. She looks similar to my strawberry anery but not quite the same? I’d love to know if anyone has tricks to rule out Lavender (looks a bit like an orchid) aside from proving her out in a few years with my strawberry snow.

Edit: Natural light Cricket pictures!

Popcorn is an 18g presumed male.

My best guess is butter and something??? He is my first on the yellow side of corns so I am at a total loss past the amel eyes.

Regardless, they are cute and will be well loved but I am curious to hear your thoughts!


Wow, very nice pickups! Popcorn is a butter motley and I would consider him a hurricane motley as well.

I think I need to see some more pics of Cricket, in natural lighting and pics that show her belly. She’s definitely tessera and she’s definitely not an orchid. Possibly a ghost tessera?


I didn’t even think of ghost honestly. It has already gotten dark here so for today this is the best belly picture I have on her.


Very nice babies, congrats! @solarserpents is spot on, as usual. Looking forward to pics of Cricket in natural light once the world turns again.


@solarserpents & @caryl sorry for the delay! Weather was abysmal yesterday. Today was a bit overcast but we managed some sunlight for crictures! (Cricket pictures)


That is a very cool snake. I think she’s possibly a red factor granite tessera or a strawberry granite tessera.


Very cool! I have a strawberry granite named Squid and Cricket is a bit darker which threw me off the most. In a few years I’ll probably give her a clutch with my strawberry snow and know for sure :grin:


Very pretty indeed! I concur with @solarserpents with the addendum that Cricket may even combine things and be a Red Factor Strawberry Granite Tessera.

There’s a lot of individual variation in any morph, of course. Males of hypo-types are sometimes lighter and/or brighter. There’s also some lightening as they grow. Is Squid the same age as Cricket? I love Strawberry stuff. Feel free to post pics of your others. (Hint, hint. :grin:)


I don’t know Cricket’s hatch date, but I’d estimate Squid is about 6-8 months older.

This is her!

Squid I am certain of the genetics on. She’s a strawberry granite het for amel.

The little strip of snow is a snowkeetee with a possible het for strawberry that we got on the same day. Her name is Turnip.

We have 30 snakes here and are hoping to produce our first clutch of ball pythons in 2025. Most are grow outs between 0 and 3 years, a few are just pets. We also rescue on occasion if the need arises. Pics would take a while to get everyone but here are our corns!

This is Milkshake. He is my strawberry snow. This was day 1 but he is 3 now. Unfortunately for me he also hates sitting still for the camera so pictures are scarce.

Mushroom is Squid’s sister. She is a granite het for amel and strawberry.

A better picture of Turnip.

I have almost no photos of Rhaja because he is a huge dork (in the best ways) but he did sit still after crawling into a cup of water to sit while I was letting him explore the table during cleaning. He was our first surrendered rescue. He is a bloodred of unknown age.

We also have Smoothie. He is a fire het sunkissed and 66% het anery and was our first corn at the same time as Milkshake. While we decided to breed Milkshake, Smoothie really struggled to thrive. He was tiny and stayed tiny for a very long time despite pounding down food enthusiastically on the same schedule as Milkshake. We’ll never breed him but he is an absolute sweetheart who has finally caught up to Milkshake.

Last but not least is our rescue Igni. He is a fire who had such bad shed retention his tail was beginning to rot. He lost about 2 inches of tail but made a complete recovery and is now FULL of sass. He’s with us for the long haul if he needs it but may also be rehomed if a forever home presents itself. We love him and will love him as long as he needs.


What a lovely collection! I really like reading their thumbnail stories along with the pics. You clearly have a wonderful heart for the animals. That goes so very far in improving the lives of everyone in your orbit. Thanks for sharing.

This is my favorite description. Priceless! :heart: :joy:

Btw, hard to say for sure from these pics but it looks to me like Turnip is possibly Green Blotch. The first “strip of snow” with Squid looks very suspicious. Pics in natural light sometime could tell that tale. :wink:

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I’ll see if I can get some sunny pictures of her. Her color has developed more with each shed. The green is fully isolated to those wide okeetee saddle bands and her white is getting stronger and stronger. I feel very confident with her breeder’s ID of her 🩷

Here was her listing photo when we first purchased her!

She’s from an extreeme okeetee lineage out of Justin Quirk over at Quirky’s Colubrid Creations. He also produced Squid and Mushroom!


That’s actually a very good description of Halo. I wasn’t meaning any disrespect or saying that the breeder’s info wasn’t correct. Halo/Green Blotch, if present, would be in addition to what is already described; not instead of anything stated and known; a nice bonus! It’s easy to miss in very young ones as it takes time (possibly several months) to show clearly. It’s perfectly possible not to realize parents are carrying Halo since it only shows on Amel morphs. She’s a very pretty girl!

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