Corn Snake against Rats but loves Mice

Hello All,

So got a ghost motley corn snake male, called ghastly (^^,)

He enjoys the mice pinkies and hoppers we get him from a well known location. However the wife and myself figured we try him out on a pinkie rat. Well, is very against it and just turns away and heads to the direction of his cage. Now if it is a mice hopper or pinkie it comes to attack mode on. Full on game time and is attacked and eating within seconds of him smelling it.

Any tips or ideas on how to try and get him to try the rat pinkie? I dont want to force the little guy since he is just around a year old. However would like to mix up his food now and again, I dont think they get the same thing all the time in the wild :slight_smile:



You might have to scent the rat with mice so your corn thinks it is a mouse. Sometimes snakes can get “addicted” to a certain food type, especially mice and not take anything different.


I’m like that w pastrami…

Honestly, corn snakes don’t get big enough to really need anything other than mice. The appropriate sized mouse would also have better nutrition (because better developed bones) than the appropriate sized rat. I would just stick to mice and not stress him with rats. Especially since they are basically the same thing, just in different sizes. If you want to mix up his food (they primarily eat rodents in the wild) and have it be for a different kind of nutrition, try to get him to take quail chicks. You could also get some reptilinks.


It’s odd that a corn would turn their nose up at anything food shaped (course I got a couple who think I’m food shaped). If your snake is big enough could get them in “food mode” and feed a mouse first then offer up a rat. But that’s only if your snake is big enough. Otherwise you can try braining a pinky mouse and slathering the juices on the rat’s head you want to feed.

I personally feed all my corns rats once they are about a year old and I’ve never had any turn down food of any kind. Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: Rats can make a lovely addition to a mouse diet or on their own. All of my adults are on small rats and I’m thinking a couple of my males could even go up one more size from there (they are nice big long boys).


Thanks all for the help and advice. Will give some of the advice giving here a go over the next few weeks and update.

Strange thing is that he took it once and since then, not again.

He has yet to bite me, but seems he has it in for my wife most days and thinks her fingers taste better than the real food :stuck_out_tongue:

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This isn’t always the case. Rats are higher in fat content. They can be used for putting on weight for breeding females. Building up fat reserves for eggs.

Rats come in various sizes plenty of rats that are good sized for corn snakes.


I kept a corn for 23 years feeding him nothing but mice. I would not worry overly much if yours does not want to eat rats :+1:t4:


Thanks All :slight_smile:
Seems trying to trick the little guy to eat has failed and mice is the king of food supply for him right now. I guess that in due time he will figure things out, just switch it up ever now and again and see what he does with it. Worth asking for help.
Just cant understand the fact that my snake is a fussy eater (o.0)
Once again, thanks for the help here.


So just an update here.

We attempted the Rat pinkie again, no covering up the smell or any funny things. Placed it in front of my corn snake and next thing, blink of an eye, rat pinkie in mouth and eating it down.

I guess it was just his time to eat them or he was just hungry and wanted a decent meal. Who knows (^^,)

Be safe all.


That is wonderful to hear that he ate. Hope he will not give you a problem next time. If so, keep us updated so that we possibly have any ideas, we could suggest, and maybe help. Hope it works out :grin:

I can tell you from experience as a breeder for 7 years now, I have raised all my juvenile corn snakes on rats that were appropriate for their size. From the moment they can take a rat pink they are kept on either rat pinks or quail which both are higher in fat and protein content. For juveniles/any growing snakes it doesn’t make them fat it helps them grow well with good muscle structure and gives them the calories they need and the fat and protein they need as they grow. My corn snakes are very active and they burn off the calories and extra fat they get from the rats and quail. Usually as soon as they can take a mouse fuzzy they can take a small rat pink or quail. The button quail they can actually start on even earlier because they’re smaller at a day old. My corn snakes always look really good long and lean. Much longer than most people’s at the same age.