Corn snake breeding/genetics question

Hi, I have an extreme reverse okeetee female and am wondering what I would have to breed her to get extreme reverse okeetee tesseras. Any help is appreciated.

You would need to breed her to an extreme reverse okeetee tessera.


@ashleyraeanne is 100% right here! Those are gonna be awesome babies!

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But how do you get extreme reverse okeetee tesseras? Like I understand that you would have to breed her with an extreme revers okeetee tessera to get more e.r.o tesseras. But how do you an extreme reverse okeetee tessera in the first place?

Okeetee is a locality of cornsnakes that are line-bred in the hobby. It’s not technically a morph. A reverse Okeetee is just another name for an albino Okeetee, so since that’s a recessive trait the parents were at least het for albino. Tessera is one of the only dominant traits in cornsnakes, so at least parent needs to visually be tessera to have a 50% chance of having tessera offspring. So overtime breeders bred snakes with these traits to eventually get something like extreme reverse Okeetee tesseras.

No idea if this is helpful, but an example:

Original parents: Okeetee het albino x Okeetee het albino → Chance of reverse Okeetee offspring

Next Generation: Reverse Okeetee x Okeetee Tessera → Chance of Okeetee Tessera 100% het albino

Next Next Generation: Okeetee Teserra het albino x Reverse Okeetee → Chance of Reverse Okeetee Tessera offspring

Note: Extreme Okeetees are selectively line-bred Okeetees that exhibit dark, thick black saddle borders and very bright reds/oranges/yellows


This does help thank you.