Corn snake breeding selling concern

Hello guys, Im a bit new in the corn snake breeding area but Ive been really interested in the mutations, genetics and all. Im currently 17, own 7 cornies, and have some nice projects to do with them, specially with the palmetto one, tho also with simple Amel corns. One of my concerns is not finding any buyers and end up having lots of little corns that I dont know what to do with. I know it is part of the breeding process but what is you guys experience on this? I live in Portugal.


The best way to do things is to market yourself. Social media, any local expos or other reptile events, talking to other breeders & keepers. You may need to put projects on hold every so often and not pair animals so you don’t end up with too many taking up space. Do a lot of research into your local market before you start pairing so you know what people are looking for, what sells, and start your projects small with maybe only one or two clutches your first year out.

I don’t know much about demand in Portugal, so I can’t really help there. Hopefully some others chime in with more advice!


Okok thank you! I will ask the local shops also some advice on that. As there are no portuguese morphs on this site could be a good thing for me actually.