Corn Snake Enclosure help

My first post and after lots of research I purchased my first baby corn snake! He’s supposed to be here Friday and is 14weeks old. My plan is to put him in a 10g bioactive setup initially. However, I also purchased a 4x2x2 from reptile Kages( for permanent home). My question is when can I move him from the 10g to the 4x2x2?

Thanks for the help!


I would probably wait until he’s at least 100 grams before moving him. Although you can technically move him in at any point (provided there’s tons of clutter and small hides), finding him (and finding poop or regurges) in a huge enclosure will be difficult. And many of the large enclosures are not secure enough for a tiny baby (especially door gaps or vents).


Thanks for the quick reply. Out of curiosity at 100grams what age is that typically?


It really depends on how much and how often they’ve been fed, as well as individual genetics. I would expect a decently fed corn to be about 60 to 100 grams by a year old.

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It depends on the snake. Some may take only a few months to get to 100 if you get an extremely quick grower or it could take over 2 years if you have a slow grower. But expect around a year to a year and a half.

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Welcome to the community, @pikemartin - the community here, specifically, and the broader corn snake community. You’re going to love it! (And we love pictures, just so ya know! :grin:) What kind of corn are you getting?

Thank you! He actually came today. A Palmetto from Travis Whisler. Very impressed and can’t wait til he grows up.

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Great choice, I know you’ll love watching him grow! Congrats!