Corn snake genetics Question

Hi, it says on the MorphMarket calculator that it does not correctly calculate Ultramel so I thought I would ask everybody on here what my results would be. I plan to pair my snow with my tessera ultramel het Anery, what would I get? Thank you in advance.

The calculator on can do ultramel. I wasn’t sure if your tessera is homozygous or heterozygous, so I made him a het since that’s more common. If he’s homozygous, all the babies will be tessera as well. But you can get a mix of amels, amel tesseras, snows, snow tesseras, ultramels, ultramel tesseras, ultramel aneries, and ultramel anery tesseras. Quite the variety!

Thank you for that, buttttt I just rechecked my records, and the tesssera ultramel is actually only 50% het anery (dang it) so how would that effect my results :thinking:?

50% het means he has a 50% chance of carrying that gene. The calculators can’t do possible hets, so you would need to run the calculator once with anery as a het and once without it as a het. So if his anery doesn’t prove out, you could get amels, amel tesseras, ultramels, and ultramel tesseras. Breeding him to a snow (or any homozygous anery snake) is the perfect way to see if he is actually het for anery.

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How would you get ultramels when one parent doesn’t carry the ultra gene? Isn’t ultra recessive?

Ultra and amel are allelic. So a het ultra and het amel snake is visually ultramel.

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I kind of follow what your saying here.

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In order for a recessive mutation to be visually apparent, the snake will need two copies of the recessive genes. They get one copy from each parent. Ultra is a hybrid gene. Most corn snake genes are recessive, so in order to get a visually amel snake, there would be two copies of the amel gene sitting at the amel locus. It just so happens that the rat snake gene for ultra also sits at the same place as the amel gene. So if the parent is visually ultramel, it means that there is one gene for ultra and one gene for amel, both sitting at the same locus. You couldn’t get a homozygous ultra baby from your pairing, because the ultramel parent can only contribute one ultra gene or one amel gene. So amels are possible, or ultramels (since your snow would contribute the other amel gene). I know genetics can be a bit confusing and I am certainly no geneticist, but I hope that helps!