Corn snake gravid or overweight?

Hi guys, need a little advice on one of my female corn snakes. I have a 2018 female Extreme reverse okeetee corn snake that laid a clutch of slugs earlier in the year (I did not pair her as she was too small) I’m not positive of exactly when she laid them. A few weeks back I noticed that she was looking a bit overweight and changed her food intake to one hopper a week to every 2 weeks, instead of an adult mouse every week. But now as I have taken a closer look at her she literally looks gravid, she has a lot of scale spread and when holding her out she looks kind of lumpy. I tried feeling for eggs but couldnt feel anything, is it possible for her to be gravid right now? I can add a photo when I get the chance if needed.

This time of year would be very unusual for her to be gravid, but I suppose it’s possible. A picture would help!