Corn snake (help, green poop)

I have a beautiful yellow corn snake. She is almost 8 years old. She has recently started eating less (only one rat instead of two) and today her poop had a bunch of green mucus. Any idea what could be going on? Also, I live in a small rural town with one vet and he doesn’t do reptiles. :frowning: Thanks in advance for any help offered!

Usually green urate, mucus etc is actually bile, which can indicate a liver issue that may require veterinary intervention, it really comes down to amount and/or frequency.

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If it is as @stewart_reptiles says, then you may have to travel a bit for an exotics vet that has experience with reptiles. Call around to exotics vets in nearby Cities to see if they can help, and use Google to find ones with good reviews.

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What size rats are you feeding her and how big is she? Can I see some pictures of her?

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Id personally like to see a Pic of the poo


@stewart_reptiles @ashleyraeanne @meerkatlyndz Thank you to all the replies so far. I don’t have any pics of the poop. She has only done this once. I feed her adult mice. Two every two to 3 weeks. Sometimes one a week, depending on supply. She normally does great, but she only ate one mouse the last two times I feed her and then I saw the green poop. I’ll try and add some pictures of her on here if I can figure it out.