Corn snake in bedroom

Will ambient light from my bedroom at night disturb my corns day/night cycle?

Unless corns are totally different than balls they do not mind. In my son’s room he has three ball pythons and because he likes to watch them while falling asleep we put a night light in their enclosure do he can see them. I put it of when I go to sleep myself. in the living room the light is still on by then andere in the “snake room” there is no light in the evening. They sleep in daytime and crawl around at night and always around 9 in the evening, in every room, they start their adventures no matter if there is light or not. In fact, in summer the sun doesn’t even go down before 11 in the evening and comes up around 4 to 5 in the morning, while in winter at 4 in the afternoon it’s already getting dark and sun doesn’t come up untill 8.30 in the morning. They don’t mind. Around 9 they start their adventures and when they are convinced there is really no rat hidding anywhere they go to sleep. The same with the gecko’s( except for the rat thing) and our BCI. the bearded dragon and blue tongue skink don’t care either. When they are tired they sleep, light or no light.

That said, don’t forget to put the light of when you want to sleep late yourself. I don’t know for you but I’m really not happy when I had a late night at 8.30 the light of the snake suddenly shines in my face :grimacing:.


Thank you so much! I don’t really sleep early at all and I didn’t want to disturb him or stress him out any if avoidable !

I have 12 corns and I can honestly say none of them care about lights on or off. Don’t care if it’s day or not. Corns are amazing at dealing with what comes and adapting. Mine used to be kept in our main living space with lights off and on at all times. Now they are in a “snake room” and I’ve seen no real difference in behavior. They can get used to any schedule really.

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