Corn snake laid Petrified eggs…

I had a male corn snake that used to lay these dark tan odd looking hard oval “eggs” that looked petrified. Were they eggs?

Sounds like they were infertile eggs. Some people call them slugs.

Your cornsnake may have been mis-sexed as male.
attaching a picture of a slug. They tend to go from an off yellow to a darker brown the longer they sit.


If your male is laying…
I’d says she’s not a male but a female :sweat_smile:


For sure! Your boy is a girl.

Now about those eggs… You may be wondering why she’s laying if she wasn’t bred. Many females lay infertile eggs even without a male around. If these eggs are laid in the normal breeding, they dry and garden very quickly. You weren’t expecting eggs, so of course you hadn’t given her a nest box.

So, does “he” have a name change in “his” future?


That’s what I suspected. Over the span of 4 years, a couple dozen eggs were found. They look almost exactly like the pic you posted, only darker and more rough looking. Thanks for your input!

Since there were never any other snakes around, breeding never took place and I suspected that they were infertile eggs. Thanks for sharing your input.

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My snake’s name was Casper because he, she, was a Blizzard Corn Snake. All white with pale lavender markings and pink eyes. Very pretty. Unfortunately, Casper died a couple years ago due to old age, but thank you for sharing your opinion.

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Sounds like Casper was quite beautiful. I’m sorry for your loss.

Thank you. He, or she, was a very nice snake. Real gentle, loved to explore and find hidey holes in & on my old roll top desk. Loved to hang around my neck or in a large pocket for warmth. Casper is buried in my inner garden along with an assortment of wild and domestic critters that lived with us.


Corn snakes are wonderful creatures. I have always loved all sorts of creatures. Like you, when their time with us was done, we’ve buried them by the garden fence.