Corn snake morph question!

Hi everyone! I’m pretty new here, but had a question. I got a corn a few months ago when he was only one month old. He’s now 8 exactly. He was sold to me as a whiteout so amel, charcoal and diffused (I think) and I was wondering if the very faint yellow on him is normal? He’s got a totally plain belly. From what I understand the yellows in corns only develop as they get older, however the breeder has told me that because of the diffusion (and from experience of his own snakes too I’m guessing) it pretty much always fades as they get older on this morph specifically. He’s still pretty pink too, so I know that will change as he matures. Any thoughts on this? Is this not a whiteout?


Very pretty. I see no reason why he wouldn’t be a whiteout. They aren’t always perfectly white, sometimes a very faint trace of pattern or color can be present, but it looks like he will be a fairly solid-colored adult. He might develop a bit of yellow on the sides of the neck.

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Hi, thanks for the reply! I figured, it was just a bit surprising seeing as everyone dubs them as the most ‘perfectly white’ snake hahah. As someone with 0 morph knowledge I was just confused. Some have told me he might be halo… but their yellow is almost highlighter intense so I didn’t think that was right. Yellow cheeks sound cute! I still love him, he’s got the best personality and so calm. Was just worried I was lied to in terms of price!

Both whiteouts and blizzards are the whitest corn snake morphs, so he should mature the way you’re hoping! Not sure if you’re familiar with, but here are some more pictures of whiteouts for you to compare: Whiteout Cornsnake - Ians Vivarium . As you can see, they’re pretty much solid white as adults, but if you look closely, some of them have a tiny bit of color.


Time will tell and I can’t wait to see when he’s an adult. Either way, I think he will be pretty. (: Thanks so much for clearing that up and for the info!