Corn snake peach phase lavender morph

Hi, I was going through the list under corn snakes that gives you the options of looking this specific combination of genetics or by the morph. The list is very limited and I was wondering if we could add combinations by polling breeders of what kind of morphs they’re producing and selling on the page and then when it comes to the list of actual genetics there is one that I’d like to have added. Years ago Rich Hume was breeding a line that they originally called Peach Phase within the Lavender morphs. He eventually discovered it was reproducible genetically but it was never really known exactly what it was. It has now been discovered as to what the peach mission is and that it is an incomplete dominant mutation. I’ve been breeding them for the last 4 breeding seasons and Sean Niland has been breeding them for the last 3 breeding seasons. There’s still some work to do to make sure it’s not allelic with any of the other mutations but as of now it doesn’t appear to be. It acts as a hypo type mutation but when it’s combined with certain morphs like lavender and possibly other mutations it seems to add some coloring or change the color due to the amount of melanin it removes and other ways it works. But being able to add that into the list of genetics so that people can search for that mutation inn heterozygous or homozygous form would be very helpful. Another thing that would be helpful is that maybe instead of looking for a specific morph based on your list of combined traits, maybe make it where we can put in certain combinations of genetics and do a search looking for corn snakes that contain those genetics in one form or another. Say for instance I wanted to find a Moonstone Blood, I can click on lavender + Anery + diffused and maybe a list will come up of corn snakes that contain those specific genetics either in homo or het form as long as it’s there. At that point then we can decide if it’s something we’re interested in or not. I find it difficult to find the combination of genes I’m looking for because I can only find one genetic mutation at a time.

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I know that on the MM page there is a link that discusses how to get a gene added. Not sure if the link is in the Corn section though… @john can you clarify?

I would say that for your “peach” gene… It still sounds like no enough is known about it to be able to officially call it a defined morph. But if you can provide solid documentation John can get things added pretty easy

This function is already part of the site. Upper left there is a button that says ‘Options’, click that and enter the traits in the ‘Included’ field and then hit ‘Go’

And you will get the results (which right now gives you nothing)


What kind of solid documentation does he need? I know Rich Hume has been producing them for years and proved it to be a reproducible genetic mutation and over the last several years both Sean Niland and I have been working on them separately and have proven them to be an incomplete dominant mutation. I’m just not sure what kind of documentation is needed. I have pictures of the single Peach Morph and pictures of it with several different Lavender morphs. I’m just now raising up a pair of Peach mutants that I’ll be pairing to other morphs to see how it mixes with different genetic mutations other than Lavender.

I do not know what kind of documentation he needs, best bet would be to talk directly with John and he can help you out

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Will do! Thanks for the info.

Yep, just read this and submit the form:

And regarding your search request, I believe that’s already there. As Travis said you can either use advanced search to choose multiple genes, or just type it into the search box.