Corn Snake Stool

My 100 gram amel corn just pooped, this stool doesnt really look like the usual ones.
And lately, its stools have been with a lot of liquid around, like the stool is healthy but then around is a lot of liquid. This time the stool didnt really look healthy, what do you guys think?

You should take it to a specialized herp vet and get it tested for parasites. Can you add a picture of the snake and enclosure?

Snake looks like this

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How long have you had the snake for and did you recently get any new snakes?

I did get 2 new babies recently. I have the amel since 14th september 2020

But what does it look like to you?

Sometimes their poop can look like that. What are your temps? Did you recently move up a feeder size?

I think I am feeding weaned mine, they wheight around 14 grams. He is at 26 celcius and 77% humidity

But it was not recent, I have been feeding weaned for a month and a half

Does he have a hot spot?

That humidity needs lowered to around 50%. 26°C is only 78°F correct?

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No, here in portugal days have been hot so its not needed

Yes 26C is 79F

What about the healthy in the middle liquid around poop? Its like a sphere around the healty part of 7 centimeters of radius

I’ve only ever seen poop look like that when it’s poorly digested, usually when there isn’t access to enough heat for proper digestion. I’m not a vet, so I don’t know if poop being that color will cause any problems, but I do believe it’s due to improper digestion.

I see, as the whole terrarium is at 79F 26C that shouldnt be a problem no?

That’s fine for ambient temperature, but they need a hot spot of around 87.

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Alright thanks. I will of course bring him to the vet to check his stool.
One of my new baby snakes has been moving nonstop for about 6 hours. She is still stressed from new home but its interesting that she accepted food and digested it. Anyways. Ty for the help

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Your temps are off, if they are off enough it could lead to regurgitation and further issues.

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