Corn Snakes Morph

Hello, I have two corn snakes that are about a year old and I have no idea what morph they are. I got them at a reptile convention in September 2019. They are brother and sister and were told that they were able to have 1 clutch together. I was wondering if the breeding information was true, and I was wondering if someone knew their morph.




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Any ideas?

Look like very pretty regular Oketee corns to me. Used to catch them wild that looked just like these on the Naval Base in Charleston SC. Classic and among my favorites!

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No way those two had a clutch. They are much too small.

Was leaning Oketee as well. The degree of orange and red got me thinking it. What has me semi thrown is the lack of black around the saddles… But being babies those could easily change.

Either that or you got normals with high expressions of orange/yellow.

Also agreed they are to small to breed. Got at least 2 more years before considering it. Rule of 3’s when it comes to corns. 3 feet. 3 years. 300 grams. At least for the female especially. Egg production is rough on any female, much less one’s not meeting the above criteria.

As for line breeding, yes you could bring brother into sister BUT only experienced breeders with the knowledge should go for sibling breeding. Don’t think it’s responsible for a first time breeder to start doing that. Buy yourself another male or female unrelated and then try your hand at it. See if it’s for you. Then, down the road, you could try it.