Cornsnake Enclosure Size

Hi all, I’ve seen many articles suggesting different size terrariums are optimal for an adult cornsnake. Suggestions are anything from 30 gallons with some even saying a minimum of 75 gallons. Are there any cornsnake keepers that can help me out and let me know what they find is best?



Generally if you want a display enclosure large enough for an adult, ideally you want a 4’x2’x2’. 30gal for an adult is far too small.

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It wasn’t too long ago that the hobby ‘standard’ was 20 gallons for an adult corn. Personally, I feel that that’s a bit small, but obviously many corns did just fine in that size. And any of the large breeders are keeping their corns in racks. I would say go as large as you reasonably can, as far as what you can afford and how much space you have. Most corns are fairly active (in the evening, anyway!) and will explore whatever space is given to them, so giving them a large enclosure is nice for both them and for you to watch them.

If you’re starting with a baby, it may be easier for you to start them in a smaller enclosure. You certainly can put them straight into a large one (provided there are lots of small hides available for them), but you’ll have a hard time finding them for feeding or handling. Plus, some of the really large enclosures may have escape routes for something the size of a shoelace.


I’m planning to breed her in the 2024 breeding season. I’ve currently got a 88cm x 45cm x 45cm glass terrarium and then will likely convert to a racking system at a later date, will this be an issue for the snake?

Also would the terrarium mentioned above be suitable?



88 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm is roughly 47 gallons which is fine for an adult. I think you are

If you’re asking if the snake will adjust to a change in living quarters, yes, it will. They are territorial enough to like feeling safe in their home “range” of their viv but they get so fine when shifted into new quarters. Transfer some bedding and decor to their new home and expect them to mark their new space by eliminating waste pretty quickly. Some of them don’t miss a beat and immediately behave as if they’re at home and as usual. Some do more patrolling and take a while to settle. Great any move as if they’re a new purchase and hold off on feeding for a bit. (No quarantine needed, of course.)