Cornsnake sex?

I picked up a cornsnake on sunday from a woman who said it was her daughter’s and she had gone off to college without the snake. The mom didnt know how to care for it so we took it in.
I’m very curious if anyone can tell me the sex possibly?
I’ve never owned a corn. Just my pythons and boas.


Often difficult to “tell by tail” :), and especially difficult to say with an oblique angle as in the photo you provided, but my guess based on what I can see would be female. If you could post another photo with a “straight on view” of the underside of the tail (i.e., not curving toward or away from the camera), you’ll likely get some accurate responses here. Congrats on your new snake!


I would like to say that it is a male due to the long tail and the fact that It does not look like it tapers out for a while, but more pictures would definitely help.

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Are you not able to pop it or feel for a speed bump? Colubrids are the easiest to sex that way in my experience.


Personally, I don’t think it is advisable to try to “pop” an adult corn snake… can be harmful at any stage if done incorrectly but definitely not advisable after ~1st year. You could get her probed by a vet or someone with experience, but a better photo would likely be the simplest way to get this resolved in my opinion.


Thanks everyone for replying! Sorry for the late response. My phone broke and I was waiting on a new one to post a better photo

I would say based on the fact that it doesn’t look like the tial tapers till mid-way , and the overall length suggests male. But the only way to for positive say that it is male is to probe the snake.

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