Cosplaying as my snakes

If you’ve seen a Cow Reticulated python, their theme is usually white with progressively developing black spots (and yellow depending on the type) with blue eyes. I tend to theme myself around their beautiful colors, but this is the first (and last) time I’ve dressed to look like my girl Ori! Especially with trying to capture her elegance. I definitely have more themed pictures with my snakes, but for now here’s my most recent one :smiley:


She is a gorgeous snake, so I see how you may have found difficulty. You and the snake both look stunning in that photo. Great quality!
Can’t get over how pretty that snake is :heart_eyes::heart:


This is hands-down the best shot I’ve ever seen with a keeper and their snake. You both look so royally elegant, I love it!


Thank you!!

Beautiful pic

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