Could Dragonstrand Enclosures Work For Snakes?

I was thinking about getting either a couple Dragonstrand hybrid or screen atrium enclosures for a common boa and a carpet python. These would serve as outdoor enclosures during the summer months because my climate is quite favorable for those reptiles. I’m a bit worried though that primarily screen enclosures wouldn’t be strong enough to hold medium sized arboreal constrictors like those though. If anyone has any experience with Dragonstrand, can you attest to how strong and sturdy they are?

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I’d be also considering- as you might be- what in your area is an opportunistic feeder with strong paws or hands or a digging ability, and which could breach such an enclosure from the outside?
Because in some places there’s raccoons, skunks, weasels and coyotes that aren’t remotely afraid to kill and eat a snake the way a feral cat rarely would.

And I would not put it past them to work out how to get into any non-super-sturdy enclosure. An outdoor enclosure has to be impenetrable as well as inescapable, though I don’t know what Dragonstrand builds with.


That is a good point. My area does have plenty of small carnivores, so I will likely have to install electric wiring around my fence if I want to keep reptiles outside. Plus screen enclosures may not be strong enough to keep out things with claws. I will keep looking into this and find some ways to keep my animals safe.