Couple of my Boas

Was taking some updated photos of some neonates and decided to snap a few pix of a couple of the bigger snakes while I was taking pix. The Sharp albino is my male sire of my Junglebesque litter from earlier this year. The Motley Paraglow is a female I’m growing up and will be attempting to breed her next year (she’s about 5’ so has a little more growing to do).


Arabesque male that the Sharp sired. Really considering keeping him. He’s quite a looker.

This is a male Junglebesque from the litter the Sharp male sired. He won’t be going anywhere.

The 2 below are female Junglebesques I’ll be keeping and raising up from that same litter as the boys above. One is being kept because of her color and the other for her aberrant pattern.


That arabesque is stunning, it looks like it’s blushing, and I can see why you would be considering keeping him. Them diamonds are spot on perfect almost. Something that has always interested me is the patterns of nature. I wonder how they came to decide diamonds and not squares… I know it’s evolution to help camouflage but there must be a reason for its symmetry.
I don’t know the word I’m looking for, basically nature’s patterns. It’s crazy.

Anyway I went a bit off topic there. That male junglebesque is gorgeous, not that the females arnt but, damn he is high definition.

Thanks for sharing.

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