Courier services for uk and ireland

I’ve had someone request a shipment from the uk to ireland, does anyone know a company that ships that way?

For future reference does anyone know any companies that ship abroad and if so where?

These guys say they cover uk to europe, so it might be worth asking them. The island of Ireland is still in the EEC.

Someone asked me recently the same question, UK to Ireland. To be honest I wasn’t confident about sending animals over seas and declined.

Sadly they don’t x ive shipped to Malaysia no issue x

Soooo a few couriers in mind. I swear Marc said would be looking into it… He’s Green Couriers.

Also ask Ridgeway Exotics and Prehistoric Express.

I know it’s still a pain to get animals to and from Ireland.

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It will depend on if the species is cites or not. For non cites species, theres usually people doing runs between uk and ireland especially before and after the uk shows. For cites species its going to be more difficult because of the paperwork involved. I would actually recommend exporting to either Northern Ireland or mainland Europe and courier to the Republic of Ireland from there. The parks and wildlife service here are terrible when it comes to permits.

This is what ive been sent back of a Courier x