Crazy colors on a black pastel


Check out those oranges and whites. The last few inches of his tail is orange. :thinking:


Wow that’s awesome!!

Are you shure there is no yellow belly in him? I was checking them before because the orange with the black looks so beautifull. Almost even bought one at the last expo, but was worried to get to many ivory’s while breeding so went for black pewter. But that combo is great and yours almost looks the same. Very nice snake :+1:

No yellowbelly. DH pied ghost. Some of the black pastel het ghosts I’ve seen since I posted this have had some really nice orange but this little boy is just cranking it up. :woman_shrugging:


It’s really a very beautifully boy. Just love the orange and the contrast and dh ghost and pied …my compliments on your choise for this snake.

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Beautiful snake. I just got a black pastel myself, They’re so nice!

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looks like a Barnhart or Liesen line black pastel.

2kg female Barnhart