Crazy looking hatchlings

We had out latest clutch of Retics hatch out over here at JKReptiles. The breeding was a Platinum Phantom Tiger het Genetic Stripe X Genetic Stripe and the results could not have been any better.

From the research I have done, this is the first Platinum Genetic Stripe produced here in the US. They were produced overseas I believe last year.

Here is one of our VERY strange looking Platinum Tiger 100% Het Genetic stripes. Everyone of these look absolutely incredible with striping and a completely abberrant pattern.

Then I hatched this little weirdo supertiger. I am completely stumped on how and why this snake is here. Regardless, I am pretty happy wiht the outcome!


Congrats Jake! As usual, very nice babies bro!

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Thanks alot Rick! It is greatly appreciated!

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:+1:t3::+1:t3: yeah man. Credit where credit is due. You have been making some of the best retics for a while man…love seeming your stuff


Wow man! I really appreciate that! Thank you so much for the kind words buddy. :+1::+1::+1:

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