Crazy looking pied Retic!

This is one of my super high white platinum tiger pieds I produced last year. One of my best clutches to date!


I love pieds retics so much. Would love to own one someday.

I can appreciate that everyone has their own tastes (even i have a morph Rosy) some morphs enhance the appeal over their “vanilla” base species but i feel some have made them far removed from the original. In the case of the reticulated pythons, what made them special was thier iridescent scales and beautiful patterns. Ball pythons for example i never liked their “vanilla” version i found them unattractive, so the morphs make them more sofor me.

The snake is beautiful, but to me its almost as if its another species, if not for its size and a few other features one would not necessarily tell that it is a retic.

I hope that im not insulting or rude its not my intention. I just think these beautiful snakes look best in their “vanilla” look.

Im pretty sure my boy Snow looks so far removed from their “vanilla” state but i found the 3 stripes to be bland and unattractive.

I’ve always loved reticulated pythons and if they didn’t get so big i would have gotten one by now. I think even with a “super dwarf” they would be too much for me to manage. Heck my 2 small snakes have enough attitude for me to barely handle. :joy: i suppose they probably wouldn’t have a “vanilla look” in a super dwarf for me to find.

I guess thats what makes life interesting is we all have different tastes and ideas.

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Awesome tic there! That tail is so weird as well almost looks albinoish! Love the pied gene in retics especially when enhanced with platinum or citron to make higher white snakes. Love the tiger looking head too. Wow, just wow!


Gorgeous retic! :heart_eyes: I especially love the head and the tail.


thanks for all the love and support everyone!

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