Crazy outcome to Clown Clutch

Had a really weird outcome the other day. I had bred our Banana Enchi Clown to a Banana Spider female last year and produced some really nice Banana Het Clown combos. Didnt really notice anything unusual. This year since I missed hitting the Super Banana Enchi Het Clown I was after decided to try again. This year she produced 5 eggs and 5 slugs and shortly after placing eggs in the incubator we had one go bad leaving only 4 good eggs. The day they started pipping is when the weirdness started. I had a normal pip and then what I thought was a banana until I opened the incubator and pulled clutch out and then I was really scratching my head what I saw sitting there was a Hypo. So I cut the rest of the eggs open and found another Hypo and a snake I assumed was a Super Banana. What we ended up producing was 2 Hypo Het Clowns and a Super Banana Hypo Het Clown. We always assumed that the Banana Spider was most likely a het hypo since she was from a friend that his entire collection was hypo or at least het hypo but we had no idea that this male Banana Enchi Clown was het for anything.


Very nice. A friend of mine recently found an unexpected hypo in a of his clutch as well.

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