Creating my own Dubia colony

OK. I may be morbid, but this is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen on the internet in a while!!! I mean “sorry, can’t have shrimp, I made myself allergic to cockroach poo!” Can you imagine?
So, now I’m freaking out! I am trying to start a modest colony for just a few reptiles, but gad - at what price!? Does this happen to like, a LOT of people, or just those with a predisposition to shellfish allergies? I’m not allergic to much, so am I ok?
Also, those cleaner bugs you talk about, do they fly? Can they get out? If I put them in a nile monitor cage do they eat the poop or what? I need to google this! Going to be another long night! LOL

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Wait… you WILL?! Do you know why that is? No matter what I will become allergic to them?


Aerosolization of the exoskeletal proteins in their frass leads to it being breathed in rather frequently. Continuous exposure to a concentrated foreign protein in the lung tissues leads to an immune response against it. Given enough time, everyone that works with dubia develops an allergy to them


Wow that’s interesting! Thanks for explaining!

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Well Kacie looks like you’ll be wearing your mask at home also…Maybe it will keep you from breathing in the bad stuff.

This is great info! I started my colony just before this was on here, but it so would of helped as I spent hours researching, whereas a lot of it is here!

I rinse food in water a couple of times a week as part of their water intake so not too get too humid.

I started my colony for my Crested Geckos as I was struggling to get live food, but I also did trial and error.

I found that they breed better in warm temperatures, mine live on top of snake vivs so get the heat from there, plus it’s a warm room from so many ceramic heaters.

I had read about intolerance to shell fish, luckily I don’t eat shell fish and hubby is already allergic!

But I took precautions none the less. I have set mine up as bio-active, so requires less time spent near them and it is in the snake room, away from the house.

Mine seen to have favourite foods, I put in a mix of food but usually left over foods as I have 2 kids that often only eat half an apple or something lol

I recently cleaned them out as egg crates needed replacing and I think I may have thrown springtails away 🤦 so I will need to top them up lol

It’s a great learning curve and I love knowing that I won’t struggle to get insects again.


I fed my tarantulas solely on Dubai roaches.

They are very easy to care for and reproduce like crazy.
Everything I’ve read here is absolutely correct.
I used small round vents along the sides , towards the top of the tote. They had tabs that bent over and secured them in place. A little bit of hot glue just to be safe. Here’s a link. Redirecting...
They can not climb on smooth surfaces so don’t worry about them climbing out.
I used a small heat pad under the tote.
Shallow water source at one end. They eat lettuce, cantaloupe , apples and much more.
Cardboard egg crate worked best for me.
They do like and thrive in a dark environment.