Crested gecko baby id

Could use some help with identification of some baby cresteds.

Mom harlequin dalmatian
Dad tri color dalmatian


First appears to be a flame and the second a patternless.

Any pics of parents?



Just added pics of parents

Moms the tailess (harlequin dal)
Male (tri-color dal)

I agree with @ghoulishcresties about the babies ID.

Is the first baby missing parts of it’s crest, Or just how I’m looking at it?
Both babies appear have stuck toes, if you up humidity it should resolve, but you may need to intervene

I don’t believe your male is a tricolour. He looks to be a Harlequin dalmation with portholes. But could just be the angle I’m looking at.

I’m not sure on this but mum looks to be a flame dalmation with portholes (I’m not good at ID when it comes to flames)

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Thanks on the toes. Ill double check em when i get home today. And as for genetics ill try and get some better angle pics of parents and babies.

Would i need to possibly pull the toes apart of they dont resolve? On thier own

A couple of times in a humid box and gently with a cotton bud should do the trick. Don’t pull them apart.

So Mums borderline being a flame hence the baby.

She’s a low expression harlequin with Dal spots.

And better side pics of dads side would help as unsure if a tri of a harlequin Dal.


Somemore pics for you @ghoulishcresties
They didnt want to hold still haha.

And some different baby shots.

Thanks @foxreptile for the toes advice. The patternless seems to be all good now. And the other only has the one front foot left to work on.

You had also mentioned something about the one missing its crest?

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Yeah mums a low expression harlequin with Dal spots and dads also a harlequin with dal spots.

Baby 1, looks flame but if patterning happens on side then may be a low exp Harley like mum.

And baby 2 is a patternless, if gets spots then a patternless with Dal spots, is 25+ spots then a Dalmatian.

The Crests @foxreptile means on the patternless is they’re non existent, so it’s not going to have great structure, and may end up like mums head. Not something you usually breed as people go for structure a lot and want big heads. So would be a pet only home :blush:

Awesome thank you for the help. Much appreciated and learned some new stuff.

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I’m referring to this part of the gecko, it looks as though part of the crest is missing.

Glad you managed to get most of the toes sorted :grin:

Yeah either missing of poor structure… :thinking: