Crested Gecko Enrichment

I’m going to be re-doing my crested gecko’s enclosure soon, and I was wondering what some good ways to mentally stimulate him would be. I see a lot of stuff about enriching monitor lizards, but not a lot about geckos.


Feeding live insects (different kinds), changing out decorations (hides, branches, etc.), changing food, and handling him every once in a while.

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Exactly that,^ though if you have a fussy eater don’t worry about the food!
But every time we add new plants, or branches/tubes our lot are so nosey and straight over having a look! They especially love new plants I’ve found! The bigger the better since they can climb of sleep in them :blush:


Yeah, so far I’ve only been able to get him to eat crickets and dubia roaches😂. I’m thinking about trying silkworms and bsf larvae, but I doubt he’ll eat it.


Wax worms as a treat! Even the moths :grin:


Be careful feeding silk worms and I’d only recommend this for adult Cresties as they have been known to pass through the Crestie alive. I feed Wax worms as a treat.

I have a few Cresties that absolutely hate change in their environment. So as far as enrichment goes, it is dependant on the Crestie.

I’d say lots of climbing and jumping opportunities, although some of my Cresties hate to jump while others LOVE to jump so again depends on the Crestie.
Lots of different plants and hiding places. I use live plants as well as occasional fake plants.

Definitely switch up the food, I’d hate to have the same food every day. I currently have 7 different packs of CGD open ATM with one fussy gecko that will not eat the same food as the day before (she is also picky as to which flavour she will eat).

I’d say bioactive enclosures have definitely improved my Cresties behaviour for the better.


Good to know about the silkworms!