Crested gecko genetics question

I know that crested geckos have a few morphs, but how does all the other crestie genetics work? Is there a truly genetic aspect to it, or is it more random variations? I am not familiar at all with this part of crested geckos.


It all depends on lineage.
What morphs are parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on.

For instance I have Kaneki, I have his son KJ. I know of Kaneki parents (KJs grandparents). So I know what morphs they all were and I can get a jist of what will come out ok their side.

Where as say Crackers (who’s paired with Kaneki) I don’t know her parents etc. I’ve had a few clutches of tricolours from them both, which again I’d of guessed since both tricolour morphs.
But my newest clutch gave me a little surprise!
A little blonde like very striped baby! Now the only reason I know that’s from Crackers side is because I used to own her daughter too who was quite stripey for a black and cream harley.
But the blonde/gold like colour is strange and I will never know really.

It’s why I call them Kinder Surprises :grin:
Basically no matter how far back you can go, there will always be morphs in the lineages you won’t know and you get your little surprises then!

Hope this all helps, not sure I could’ve wrote it simpler :sweat_smile:


Some people have bred their Cresties long enough to be able to predict what offspring will be born, but like said above, this come down to lineage and there will always be kinder surprises.

This is partly why the more lineage a Gecko has, the more it will cost.


They do follow mendelian genetics to a large part and you can “control” what results you get, though as we all know, what actually gets inherited in each gecko and what doesn’t is a bit random, but never completely random. If a gene is dominant, for example, it won’t all of a sudden pop up, like recessive genes can do.

I really recommend Gecko Foundation genetics on Youtube, and Lil Monster’s reptiles website with lots of info on genetics and morphs.

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Yes it’s a great read, I haven’t seen the most up to date YouTube video but I plan to soon

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